Monday, November 5, 2012

How are you? I'm doing great! Things have really improved in the area! I'm lovin it. We had someone get handed off to us who has a baptism date. A difficult situation was resolved with one of our investigators and everything is looking up. We have some good stuff set up for this week. It should be good. I'm happy to be here. We've been having fun and working hard and getting it done. This is a great area. We are excited to have a lesson in the stake president's house later this week. It's gonna be powerful. 

Do you know what I did on November 1st? I played some Christmas music. I didn't play it all day like you do but I listened to a couple songs. I love Christmas time. You gotta send me a picture when the tree gets put up. I wish I could be there for thanksgiving. I want some spinach dip....

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