Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hey Everyone,
It's still going great here. Elder Russel M. Nelson gave a devotional here last tuesday and someone else will be speacking tonight. I don't know who yet and it might not be a gen. authority because conference is so soon.
Umm in the Haloween package I don't know what I want except the rest of my black socks. They run out pretty fast.
I'm going to have to wait til i'm in the field to send pics
So i've been avoiding the Chocolate milk and eating the salads, my pants are fitting better now! it's great. I love mission life.... The shirts, ties, name tags, and the crazy schedule, it's so great!
So what are the Tennessee scores? I heard about Florida :( but what about other games? Put them in a DearElder please.
Thanks for figuring out the dear elder stuff. I liked getting letters, keep em coming.
I'm having a lot of fun here. Whenever I do miss home as soon as i get a little sad it's time to go to class or eat or study so I hardly have time! Sure I'm looking forward to coming home but not untill I've done my work! I can't wait to get out into the field. One more week! Weeks fly by here too so it'll feel like about 2 days or so. I can't wait to go to devotional tonight. Last time i was in the choir.   We sang Consider The Lillies to an Apostle and he thanked us for the unforgettable music! it was so cool! Well thanks in advance for the Haloween package. How about a Christmas mix CD of all the MoTab Christmas songs?
I'm so excited to get out in the field. The MTC is either Spiritual Boot camp or the Lord's prison. There's these great mountains and I can't get close... Snow is probably coming there's really good weather and fall colors are showing up. I went to the Provo Temple and took some pictures of the grounds. I thought you'd like to see how it is and compare. I think it works differently out here with the grounds crew. I think they get a lot of help from BYU students.
Anyway keep those letters coming, words from home really help.

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