Monday, December 19, 2011

 I'm excited for Christmas. I should be calling sometime around 6-9 your time. I'm excited for that. I'll try and do it as early as possible. Yes we had our baptisms. Sheryl and Danielle Peters were baptized! It was so amazing. I'm soooooooooooooooooooo happy! I love this mission. I got the box. I'm excited :) 
  So Elder Oaks came to our Christmas Devotional. It was so awesome. He talked about so many cool things. I got to shake his hand which was really cool. Then we took a big picture together as a mission and had a slideshow. I love this mission. Once i had a dream I had to come home temporarily and when it was time for me to go back I was switched to the London England mission! I was so mad! Then I woke up here in SLC and was fine again. 
  Today I took a test and got my driving privileges so that's cool. 
  Man I really love it here. I'm going to do my best these whole 2 years so that when it's time to come home i won't feel like I need to stay and do more.
  I can't wait to call and talk to guys it's gonna be fun.
  out here people eat Jell-o like crazy... it's weird.... Pretty soon I'll just start talking about it and telling people they're the green to my jell-o... Utah is getting to me!
  It's starting to get snowy here. I haven't slipped yet though so that's good. I wouldn't wanna fall though ouch. 
  Did I tell you about bacon ends and pieces? It's a cheaper way to eat bacon. It's got a higher fat content so there's a lot more grease splatter. I'm afraid of making the floor slippery. It wouldn't be fun to fall on the kitchen floor.

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