Monday, December 12, 2011

This week was amazing! We got the standard of excellence which is 1 baptized, 3 on date for baptism, 5 to church, 8 lessons with a member present, and 3 new investigators. We almost hit the double but we only had 7 to church.. other than that we had at least double to S.O.E.. We baptized the Brown family this past Saturday and confirmed them on Sunday. It was amazing. Pictures coming next Monday :)
It hasn't snowed here for a while which is nice. I got the package from the ward and my book. Did you order a copy for yourselves? I also go a package from the Gomms. 
Cheryl is doing great! She has had only 1 cig in the past 2 weeks and is  going to get baptized this Saturday cuz she's done smoking! Her daughter is getting baptized Saturday as well. Pictures on Monday...
Thanks for all the Christmas presents. Even though I'm not home I still feel the magic of this time of year. It's different but Christmas is still awesome on a mission.
Elder Damewood

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