Friday, December 30, 2011

So far my card reader isn't working. I remembered my card and everything though. I had an awesome time talking yesterday it was so much fun. After we talked I went to dinner. We had turkey and potatoes and shrimp and candy it was great. Then we got to watch 17 miracles. It's an amazing movie. You should watch it. After that we went home. Today we went shopping. Tomorrow is called trunky transfer tuesday so our whole district is getting together one last time and having a fry anything you bring lunch! I bought pickles, bacon oreos, and all sorts of stuff!
Christmas was so awesome! Today's gonna be cool too. I think we'll finally have time for p-day sports! I'm excited for superhero dodgeball!. I'm gonna try and figure out the picture thing now. NO one has a card reader. It's so frustrating I didn't have room to bring my camera. I just brought the card and the reader that doesn't work. 
Oh today with my Christmas money I got an AUX cable, external speakers and day/ny-Quil. I also got a lot of food.
Well the library was closed today so we're all in the family history center. There's not much time. I have to be considerate.

I love you! I'll talk to you next week,
Elder Damewood

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