Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hey guys!

We had a great week! We found this girl that's super prepared and all we had to do was invite her to be baptized and go over the interview questions! Also we had a lesson with 2 Korean girls and they're so ready to be baptized! I love this area. The thing is the baptisms are October 20. I really wanna be in this area for them. I also love serving with Elder Miller. 
I had some very discouraging news about a choice one of my converts made. It's very private and shouldn't be talked about just know it made me upset. I feel hope knowing it's not too late for repentance though. I sure hope she does and I hope she doesn't stop coming to church. It just made me sad and discouraged for a little while.

This is gonna be a great 2nd year! I'm gonna baptize a ton! Have a super great week you guys!

Love Elder Damewood

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