Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We had a sweet week! We had a lot go on and we had a super awesome baptism. We didn't do much finding but we have a few good lessons set up. There was also a very amazing experience. First I'll tell you some new then I'll talk about what was so amazing.

I went to the dermatologist this morning. They took off my mole and are checking it out. The doctor said it should be just fine. I have to wait for my hand to heal. It's weird to have a hole in my hand. I haven't looked at it closely yet cuz it's so gross and weird. Anyway it's off and i'm glad about that.

So now for the super cool experience. We had that great baptism of Ainur and Altinnur Jeikey. They are great super cool twins from Mongolia. They were baptized and confirmed on Saturday. We had the Brigham City Temple dedication here instead of church Sunday. As you know you have to be a member of the church and have a recommend to go to one. Well Ainur and Altinnur met with the bishop right after their baptism and got to go! They showed up and were so excited and happy. The Spirit was very strong and made me so happy. It was so cool to sit at a temple dedication with people that had been members of the Church less than 24 hours. The ward was supportive of everything and they are excited. The Bishop said he wants to have a baptism in his ward every month. I'mm all for it. We have one set up on Oct. 6! Dane is gonna get baptized! It's so exciting! I love being on a mission and I love this area. It's so cool to hang out with people my age and then get people baptized. It's so much fun.

I love you guys!
-Elder Damewood

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