Monday, November 7, 2011

Fred isn't really progessing that fast. We're going to his house for dinner Thursday. He's making us jambalaya so I'm pretty excited for that. 
I ran into Sister Giles who served in Orlando. Remember her? It was so cool to run into her!
Cheryl is doing awesome! She bore her testimony yesterday she said, "I'm not a member... yet... I'm working on it" I'm so happy.
We are also teaching a Bosnian family. They say a lot of funny things cuz the mom hardly speaks English. We're trying our best. We pick out some words but we don't know what she's talking about. She says stuff like, "Big kid bite wrist bite arm bite shoulder don't good. He no bite, he big friend. Parents. Bosnia, America bomb don't good, kill bad men kill bad babies, don't good. Kids sometimes help sometimes don't, sometimes eat sleep, no dishes laundry cook clean don't good."
We don't know what she's talking about but they're great.
ok. Saturday was the worst day of my mission yet. we had so many cool plans. We were gonna take the Bosnians to Temple Square. We were gonna be double booked at 2:00 for lessons we had so many cool lessons planned. Everything but one lesson fell through. We were just trying to talk to people and everything fell through. It was the worst.....
And then yesterday happened. Best day of my mission! We were so far behind since the day before was shot. We had a lot to do. We set our goals high to achieve our weekly goals. We knew those were the numbers the Lord wanted us to get so we tried our best. We had 2 investigators say they'd come to church. we had 5. We didn't even know the 3 others until yesterday! It was a great day. We were able to achieve the the Dry Standard of Excellence. The Standard of Excellence is 1 baptism, 3 On date for baptism, 5 at church, 8 lessons with a member present, and 3 new investigators in one week. The Dry Standard of Excellence is all that just without the baptism. We were so excited when all these miracles came together. We had to put one more person on date. One of the Bishop's in the Stake introduces us to Hannah. She came to church and set up an appointment for that night. We went and asked her to be baptized on Dec 3 and she said yes! I'm so excited for it! Miracles happened yesterday my faith grew so much.
 Man I love being on a mission.
I went to the Salt Lake Temple this morning. We go like every 6 weeks so it was my first time going. It was really cool! I mean it's the same thing you just go to different rooms sometimes. I think I like Orlando better though. The grounds look better :) The live session just doesn't have as good of acting and there's no costumes. It's still great though
We had snow. yay...... It looks nice but Elder Davis always makes it fall off the branches and hit me. then when i try to get him it still falls on me. I guess I just don't have very much experience with snow. It's great though. 
Let's see what else is there........ We got moved to the library from the Family history center for emails. That's ok though. I just have to remember to bring my camera. I really don't have time to take pictures but if i see anything super cool i'll take a picture.

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