Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving was really great. We had two dinners and a nap. We had so much pumpkin pie it was crazy! We also tried pumpkin spice egg nog. It was pretty awesome. It was gone really fast.
Cheryl is having a lot of trouble quitting smoking. she's getting pretty discouraged... We're working with her though. 
There's an Olive Garden somewhere... If i can't use it in this area I'll use it in my next one i guess. 
We had a sweet miracle this past week. Elder Davis was at Leadership Training Meeting so I was in my area with Elder Lopez. We did some tracting and knocked on this door. A guy opens and says, "Come on in Elders!" Usually this means they're just a member that won't give us referrals because they say they don't know anyone, but we get inside and his wife is running around crazy getting ready for their daughter's birthday party pretty soon. We get to talking and he says he's an inactive member that wants to come back to church. I give him the address and time for church and he gets excited to go. Then he points at his wife and 9 year old son and says they need to be baptized. We don't stay long cuz of the crazy party stressfullness so we set up a return visit. Me and Elder Davis go and eat awesome burgers at their house and start talking about church and stuff. Then the wife asked my favorite question ever. "What do I have to do to be baptized?" We talked about the interview questions right there and they both committed to baptism. They are the Brown family Tim and Tanna are the parents and the kids are Xavier, Phoenix, and Aurora. They are so awesome!
It's not getting cold quite yet. I think the weather is just being nice and waiting for my sweater to come.
Well that's about all the really cool stuff oh except this last thing. We had a contest on Thanksgiving and you'd get points for doing certain things. Our zone won so we got to have morning study and breakfast at the mission home. I'm not sure which house it is but I saw Thomas S. Monson's house. They live like across the street or yard or something from each other so I looked at all the houses I could to guarantee I saw it. 
Well that's it for this week. I love you all so much.

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