Monday, November 14, 2011

Here's your answers: 
 How is Cheryl coming along?
She's doing well. She is having kind of a hard time stopping smoking but she's going to and it'll be great! If she doesn't smoke at all then she'll be baptized this Saturday!
 Are you working hard?  
How is the family that you were teaching doing?
The family that I was teaching.... I don't know who that is. Most of our investigators are doing well though. 
 How are you doing on your budget?

I got my box. I loved it! Those weird water tube things actually came in handy. I gave one to Sheryl so she'd have something to do with her hands. Thanks for the help! I ate most of the food in it already. There's still  the Goldfish left. I liked the box. Brooke's picture of Jack looked awesome. I'm glad it finally got to me. The cd's are great! I love the Carol of the Bells! It's the most rockin MOTAB song i've heard. Also the david archuletta angels we have heard on high song is super great! it had like a million key changes and goes back to the original key. It blew mine and Elder Davis' mind! Oh and Track 13 on that cd is just a guy with a funny accent talking for 15 minutes. I couldn't stop laughing when it first came on.  You know we go to three sacraments a week to try and get to as many wards as possible? It's crazy!

We had a very long day saturday. We had so many things planned but they all fell through cuz of sickness and arguments with ex's and all sorts of dumb stuff. It was just like last saturday except this Sunday wasn't a miracle day like last week. More things fell through, hardly anyone went to Stake Conferece (Lynn G. Robins of the 70 was there. He was super awesome) and then out Temple Square appointment with our Arabic speaking Investigator fell through cuz he wouldn't get out of the car and we don't know why. When we called Temple Square the sister who answered was no help. They have an Arabic speaker and wouldnb't put her on the phone cuz of "rules" or something. I know the Temple Square Mission Pres. would be fine if she talked iof it meant a baptism. Anyway we think he's mad at us now but we can't tell cuz he speaks Arabic. 

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