Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fred's doing well. he offered to feed us Thanksgiving. I'm so excited for some soul food.
We have a ton of investigators. I can't mention them all it would take forever :)
Here's some of my favorites. Sheryl came to church yesterday. She is married to a trucker and while she was on the trip with him she read the whole Book of Mormon. She's so ready to be baptized! Then there's Desiree. She moved here recently from upstate New York. She was on date but missed church so we had to move her back a week or 2. She's cool though. 
We've had to drop a few investigators. They dodge our appointments. Why don't they just tell us we don't want you to come? That would save so much time!
Today i went to a sub shop that was on Food Network: Moochies. It was the best sandwich I've ever had! I'm still full! I'll be full for at least another 15 minutes too lol.
This morning my companion gave me a workout sheet called the Ab Ripper. OUCH! I'm sore lol. 
Today is an all day p-day i'm so excited! For the first time on my mission it feels like a true break time. Oh except we have a ton to do. Shop, e-mail, umm eat, and play sports. Even a lazy day is a busy day.
Well I think that's all for this week. Oh yeah! This was a miracle week. We added 9 investigators! My faith grew so much. I'm so excited to baptize them all!

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