Monday, January 16, 2012

This week has been a lot better. We took Ron and Dee to Temple Square. They're getting baptized on Saturday. It was so cool taking them there. They are the reason I'm here. Them and other converts. It's amazing being here. I love it so much!
On Sunday Elder Oaks came to 4th ward and Ron got to meet him! That was so great! How often does that happen? An investigator getting baptized meets an apostle! It was incredible!
I'm trying my best to be obedient. It's hard to follow the schedule but I'm doing my best. At the beginning of this transfer I waited for my comp to get up first in the morning. I always ended up sleeping in cuz of it. Now I just get up on my own. It's a lot better. 
I had thoughts of going home cross my mind but I push them out. I love it here! I only have 20 months left! I have no time to waste! My study sessions and knowledge of scripture references are getting a lot better. I'm excited about that. I hope to keep up these study habits after my mission.
I'm excited for p-day activity today. We're playing a lot of dodgeball. I think I'm gonna be Iron Man.
I'll have pictures from a super awesome baptism next week!
The time really is flying. I can't believe that out of all the time I've spent here (which feels really short) I only have 5 of those left! I'm 1/6th done! 
So my companion talks about his home and girlfriend all the time. He's pretty trunky. I was trained by Elder Davis to not be trunky. I'm thankful for that. Sure I miss home and the people there every once in a while but I always push it aside and work. It's not hard to not be trunky. 

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