Monday, February 13, 2012

Hey guys,

Yeah I'm pretty much over my sickness. How'd you find out I got transferred? I'm in Green River, Lyman is in another district. I've taken some pictures and I'll send them next week. Yeah I've changed how my letters are. I can already see how it's helping. Man going to Ginza sounds like so much fun. I really miss Jenna. We had dinner last night with a family that had a baby that reminded me of her when she was younger. I really wanted to see Ella and Jenna again. I really miss playing with them. I looked at the pictures you sent me of them. It made me smile.

Yeah seriously some parts of Wyoming there's just nothing. I hope you have tons of fun in Idaho. I'm trying to find people here. It's a little different but I'm ready to work hard and find like crazy. It's been snowing a lot..... sad day. Ok so there's just deer in the road in neighborhoods! They just walk around in herds! They aren't scared of cars cuz they always stop for them! It's so crazy. It looks like a neighborhood in like Clarmont or something there's just mountains in the background and deer in the road!!!! If you want to know how Green River looks just check Google Earth or think of Radiator Springs. That's just how the mountains and stuff look!

Our apartment is pretty tiny. There's like a ton of chairs and only about 2 of them are any good. My bed tilts to the left so I'm always leaning to the center of the room. It's pretty funny. The shower is cool though. If you hang the towel up correctly the heater points right at it. Luxury status! 

My new companion is awesome! His name is Elder Kemindics (kem-in-ditch) He's from Austria! He's got a cool accent and he's a great teacher. I bet you didn't know this he's been out over a year and I've been made senior companion. That just means I have more responsibility. It'll be a learning experience for me for sure. I'm excited to see how it goes. 

I think I lost a glove. It's really cold and I need it... Oh well. I'll get another one if I have to. I just get sad cuz you guys got me the gloves and I miss you sometimes and then losing something that I was really thankful you got for me made me sad. I can afford it now. I'll tell you one of the best things about Wyoming. We got free stuff! Dominoes is free twice a week! I love it. We hardly have to spend any money. When we go up to Rock Springs for district meeting there's free food there too! I'm also in the same district as Elder Teripiaia my roommate from the MTC! He's so funny and I missed him. The members here are really nice. They're taking good care of me don't worry. 

So out here we've been teaching a guy named Mike. He just recently came back to church and is stopping smoking. He's doing really great too. It's so cool to be out here and to help people like that. Well here comes my first p-day in Wyoming. I'm excited.

I love you,

Elder Damewood

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