Monday, February 20, 2012

Mike did great with the stop smoking program!  He was so grateful for our help. He wrote us a nice letter and told us we were too thin and gave us a Smith's (local grocery store) gift card! He's the best! Get those missionaries in Tifton to give it to Aunt Cindy! We've found a few investigators. It's different out here. In Rose Park we could find every day or every other day by just tracting. Out here tracting is useless. We have to work through the members. It's the best way. As I told Dad we need the ward missionaries to go by the members and gather referrals for us. It's what the handbook says to do. 

I see other families that have missionaries out. They take such good care of me. Looks like they have the same idea as you. If you take care of them (the missionaries back home) I get taken care of :) We got some homemade caramel corn yesterday. I really need to work out more. We're going to Sonic for lunch today probably. It's free in Rock Springs. I just wish it was a little closer. 

So I gotta tell you about last nights dinner. Man it was very relaxed. I got to be myself and everyone was laughing at all my jokes. It was just like being at home and making you guys laugh. I'm gonna try and fit more comedy in these emails. We'll see how it goes... Oh did I tell you guys I'm senior companion? It's not really a big deal it just means when things go wrong it's my fault. and when things go well it's because we both did good. :)

I love you,
Elder Damewood

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