Monday, March 5, 2012

  Dee is doing ok. Their families have a lot going on so we won't be able to see them until the 17th. We recently taught her the Law of Chastity. That wasn't fun. She said she's having problems arguing with herself about what's more important. She's not gonna stop meeting with us which is good. She'll find that feeling the Spirit is better :) She's still going to investigate. This area is picking up. When I got here we had almost nothing. Now we've almost hit the Standard of Excellence. We were 1 person to church off.
  We taught Caesar a lesson and he won't be able to meet with us for like a month.  It's been hard to catch Jesus home so we're gonna try by maybe this weekend.  
  Things are going great! Things I need...... I can't think of anything I need. I'm looking to get some cowboy boots. Mike took us to lunch and got me a hat and belt buckle(pics next week). I love it! So today imma see if I can afford to go full cowboy :).
  This week was pretty good. It was the best one so far in Green River but I can't think of any major spiritual story to tell or anything. We found a girl who was interested and I felt prompted to ask her if she felt different when we're over there. She said yes and I said it was the Spirit. She really recognized it. That's about all I really got. I'm tired though. This was a long hard week. I know the area pretty well now so it puts a lot more weight on my shoulders as senior comp. It's better than being lazy and bored though.
   Remember last year in March when I called you and talked about how they had corned beef and cabbage at BYU-I? That was a whole year ago! 
   This is going to be a great week I can feel it!
  Did you hear the news about the missions they're adding in Utah? There's going to be a Salt Lake City Central mission(doesn't affect me) and a Salt Lake City West mission(could affect me if I get transferred there June 13). It's exciting! We get tons of new missionaries here and the baptisms are going to go way up! I secretly hope to stay in the UT SLC mission. I love it here and I love President and I want to stay in Wyoming my whole mission!
Elder Damewood

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