Monday, March 26, 2012

 So transfers were this past week. Me and Elder Kemendics stayed together! We're really building up this area! The members are starting to trust us a lot more and we're fixing a lot of things. The last missionaries that were here last weren't very good. We were frustrated at church. we only had 3 people there. I do have exciting news though. Did I tell you about Brian? He's that fully active non member with a calling and everything. He decided to get baptized! At first his date was April 14 but it may move a little cuz family might not be available. Either way it's going to be a great transfer! We have 4 baptisms lined up on the 14th! I'm so excited! This area is really picking up. I love it out here and I never want to leave! Well I guess when my time is up I'll feel ready but I don't want to leave Wyoming for the rest of my mission! So we have that investigator Dakota. He's like one of my best friends now. When school ends we're gonna do so much fun stuff on p-days! We're gonna go mudding and bow fishing! The people out here are so great! We checked our referral box at Seminary again..... It was empty. We checked it just as a class was finishing up so I made a point to say "empty" really loud. This one girl said she'd fill it. I hope she meant it! If not I'll have to chastise her! I don't remember who she is though so that might be hard. We didn't have anything to powerful or amazing happen this week. I've been trying to share more miracles in my emails but sometimes you just have an average week. It was good... just nothing special.
Pray for Mike Olsen. He's been in the hospital with kidney problems for a while and I really care about him. I'm kinda worried. 
We had this challenge in our mission to watch these DVDs we have for training 3 times this transfer. We had them playing during all our free time since Wednesday and we're done. It was a total of 24 hours worth of videos. They are the most annoying videos ever too! I was about to go crazy! We did it though and now we get a special breakfast. It was all worth it.. I think..... 
I'm so excited to go down for conference this weekend. We have tickets to the Sunday AM session. Keep an eye out for a Cowboy and a European missionary. I'm kidding.. I won't go as a cowboy. I'm really excited to go there though. It'll be a first for me. I love this mission!
Keep an eye out for my news about baptisms coming up in 2 weeks! That's when it all starts! I'm so excited!

I love you,
Elder Damewood

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