Monday, April 2, 2012

OH MAN! Conference was epic! But first let me tell you about my week heading up to conference. We set really high goals and reached most of them. We wanted 10 people to watch conference and we had 9. We wanted 9 with a baptismal date and we have 8. Setting goals isn't always about reaching them though. It's about stretching yourself. This week was a lot of work. We met Lance. He is Dakota's friend. He was super solid and prepared too. He didn't know as much as Dakota did at first but that doesn't matter. The knowledge isn't as important as a testimony and it'll come when he needs it. He already has a testimony. I think it grew the most when Dakota shared his. They both got really excited when he accepted the 28th as his date. Then they were more excited when we said by then Dakota should be a priest so he can baptize Lance!
That's the main miracle this week. Other than that it was a ton of running around teaching people.

Ok now I'll tell my conference story.
Alright so Friday morning I slept in. I don't know why but I just couldn't stop dozing off. We worked hard all day and planned to drive from Green River to Evanston(halfway point 1.5 hrs away) at 9pm. We had to wait for our district so we could figure things out and we didn't leave until 10:15ish. I was so tired but not as tired as I would have been had I not slept in. It looks like the Lord had everything all planned out. 

Then we got there at like midnight and went to bed. We got up got ready and headed to Salt Lake City! I wore the 600$ suit I found in my last area. We went to temple square and hung out with the other missionaries. That was tons of fun. Then we went to the visitor's center for the morning session. That was cool. Then we went to Crown Burger for lunch. It was packed but so worth it! Then we went to Deseret Book. That was also packed. Gerald Lund and John Bytheway were there. I didn't get to talk to them though cuz I was busy it it was crowded. After that we went back to the visitor's center for the 2nd session. I was so mad! There was an MTC choir there! I wanted to do that! Oh well.. Then while we were walking to the car some security guy handed us ticked to Priesthood session! We parked closer to T. Sq. cuz we had a parking pass now. Then we went to City Creek. It's this huge mall that opened in Salt Lake. It was jam packed of course and we had this huge line at Chick-Fil-A. I missed it a lot so it was good to eat there again. We went to priesthood session and had balcony seats. It was still great to be there and see the prophet in person even if he looked tiny. The session was great but it was so warm in there I had trouble staying awake and focused. Then we went to President Winn's house for the night. He had pizza for us and we all went to bed. We woke up and got ready and packed sandwiches for later. We went over to the Conference Center. We went in to morning session. It was just as amazing as before. Well actually a little better because the Tabernacle Choir was there that time. They were on fire! Then we went back outside in the yucky weather you saw from the shots they took outside. It was fun though. We had a good time and watched the last session in the visitor's center. I would say that going to the conference center is a must for everyone at least once. It was really neat and has a lot of advantages. It's definitely worth it but I think I prefer watching it at home most of the time. You don't have to sit so close together and you can wear PJ's. There's no protestors and it's not quite as crowded at home. It's great to go of course but I don't wanna go every time forever. You guys do have to go sometime though!
The protestors make me mad. I wanted to dress up as Iron Man and go kick them in the false doctrine!!! A lot of the stuff they were saying though was true. "JESUS IS THE CHRIST!" "YOU MUST REPENT OF YOUR SINS!" "ONLY JESUS CAN SAVE!" I wanted to walk up and say that they were saying the same thing inside the Conference Center. One guy made me really mad cuz he had garments and and apron. The coolest thing was right past the protestors on either side of the sidewalk is a line of people singing hymns. It made me want to cry every time. There's just one way I know that the protestors are wrong and the Prophets are right. "By their fruits ye shall know them."

It was cool to see Taylor there! I wish I saw Malorie! That would have been awesome! Elder May saw Caroline! That was crazy! Man this was a fun weekend.

I'm looking forward to my box!
I love you!
Elder Damewood

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