Wednesday, April 18, 2012

  I'm safe! We had zone conference on monday so pday got moved to today. You never have to worry about anything happening to me if I don't write. As long as President or an Apostle or someone doesn't call I'm 100% fine. 
  Yeah it's been 7 months. It's starting to move even faster. I can't believe i've been with Elder Kemendics 2.5 months! He's so funny he's the funniest. Well here's the reply to your email:
 That's so exciting! Brazil. Tell him congrats. We didn't end up going fishing Monday. I wanted to see what river fishing was like. Elder Kemendics had no photo ID so he couldn't get a license. it was ok though. We did other stuff with Dakota. We went up on a mountain and looked at Green River. It's was such a cool view. Then we went to the local airport. I took a picture of it. It's the picture of the empty field and a wind sock. It's a great place, no security, no waiting, any aircraft that can fly can land there. I just can't guarantee you can get it back up again. Do you wanna know the name of the airport. No lie it's the "Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport." it sounds like something Dad would make up. NASA feared a comet would strike Jupiter a long time ago so the mayor here passed a law that any citizens of Jupiter had to be welcomed into the city and that they were welcome to land at the Spaceport. After Dakota had to go home we went to Rock Springs where there were these small basketball hoops that you could dunk on. that was a ton of fun. Man, I guess I'd better save $ instead of buying IBC root beer. The baptism went great! I loved it sooooo much. He's the coolest kid ever! The girl in that one picture is Sadie Mortenson. She was Dakota's fellowshipper. I think once Dakota gets back from baptizing thousands on his mission he'll marry her. It kinda reminds me of you and Dad. He's a lot like Dakota. 
This coming week Brian is getting baptized. It's so exciting. He's super great. He finally agreed after Elder Kemendics taught him in Evanston, Brian moved to Green River, then Elder Kemendics got transferred here and taught him. Now he's getting baptized! This mission is the best.

We biked all day yesterday. I'm sore but it feels good. I like working hard.  

So this morning we went up to the spaceport to take pictures. Me and Elder Kemendics took some. I'll send them in a separate email. I'll also Dropbox you a video of us lightsaber fighting. Well time to go finish this epic week

I love you,
Elder Damewood

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