Monday, April 9, 2012

Yes I had a super great week. It could have been better as far as work goes but it'll pick up. These things happen. See, Green River isn't the most exciting town in the world. EVERYONE goes out of town when they get the chance. We had no one to talk to this weekend cuz it was Spring Break. 
Man my Easter was pretty good. It was an average day at church except we sang He is Risen 4 times. Then we went to dinner at this super cool missionary minded family. They gave us Easter baskets and we ate ham! There was homemade root beer! I bit the ears opf my rabbit. I'm not sure if I'm gonna eat the rest. We get way too much candy out here.  Today we're gonna go fishing with Dakota. Hopefully Elder Kemendics can get a license. I know it won't be any problem for me but he doesn't have a driver's license and his passport is in Salt Lake.  He's such a cool kid. He's also taking us up on one of the mountains here. Look forward to pictures next week :). 
I've been having a lot of dreams about being home and still living mission rules. It's frustrating. I'm at home and I don't get on the computer or play video games or anything. I wake up at 6:25 and get dressed in a suit AT HOME! Well it looks like the mission has got to me. I'm 100% missionary now. 
We had a baptism this weekend. It was for a girl that finally got her mom to have 100% custody so now the dad can't say anything. We didn't have to do anything for it. I've seen the girl 3 times. I didn't take pictures either. It was nice to break my no baptizing streak though. We have 2 lined up for this weekend. One is shaky(the mom is trying to delay it. The dad is on our side) and one is Dakota so we're having at least one for sure. 

Well time to go fishin!

I love you,
Elder Damewood

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