Monday, May 7, 2012

I'm excited for Sunday as well. I think have some time in the afternoon. it may be at like 5 your time. We can get son skype so I'm going to the Harris' house to call you. I'll call you on the phone when I get there to set it up. Yeah my arm is a lot better. It's almost healed.
I gotta tell you the transfer news. I stayed. I got a new companion. And when I say new I mean it! I'm training a greenie! He's super great! His name is Elder Smith and he's from California. We get along really well. I really like training, and since you're usually with your trainer 12 weeks that increases my chances of staying here another transfer! I love this place so much I never wanna leave! Well I guess in about a year and a half I can go :). It's so crazy that I'm training. I thought it'd be a while before I trained. Elder Davis still hasn't gone home so Elder Smith has a living Grandpa. That's pretty rare. I guess President trusts me. I just hope I don't get any other leadership. I just want to train at most. Elder Smith invited his first investigator to be baptized. She said yes! It was so cool.
Well, now I'm gonna go have a P-Day. I love you so much! Thanks for all you do for me. The mission is the best thing ever!

I love you,
Elder Damewood

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