Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our week was good. Yes our baptism happened. I gotta tell you a story about that later. Be sure to post this email ASAP so everyone can see the story.

We had a lot of fun yesterday. We stayed in Green River. We set up a tennis game with some of the kids from the stake. It was a lot of fun. We played basketball and tennis and the 6th ward invited us to their activity that was at the same park. After that we went shopping and a real nice guy paid for us. We had a lot of fun and now we're gonna go have a good day of work after emailing. 

Well now for that crazy story. Here in this stake we have assigned font fillers. They called me to say they'd be out of town. They asked if I knew how to fill the font and if I could do it. I said, "yes." I didn't know that there was more to it than just turning on the water. Anyway they told me to start filling it at 8 in order for the font to be full by 10. Elder Little(our district leader) came down cuz the family wanted him to give the opening prayer. So we go at 8 and turn on the water then we leave to get a couple other things ready and come back in an hour to set up chairs and  see how the font is coming along. I open the doors to the Stake Center and you can't even imagine the feelings running through me when I see water in the hallway! I run to the Primary room and turn off the water. There's at least 30 gallons in the Primary room, hallway, and Bishop's and clerk's offices! It's 3 inches deep in places! There was so much water it was crazy! We just start pushing water back into the font. We make calls and get shop vacs and all sorts of stuff. We work up a sweat sweeping water into the font. Then people start showing up and they panic more than we did. It didn't look as bad as it was when we first got there. So we were baptizing this 10 year old kid. He saw the font. It looked a little like watered down mop water at this time. We drained some of it and filled it with more water to dilute it. He still wanted to get baptized. It was cool to see how he understood the importance of baptism and didn't wanna wait any longer. He was so willing to do what he was supposed to it was amazing! When we got in the clerks office there was a cardboard box of documents and a power cord with a ring of dry around them. That was pretty amazing. Anyway we stay and clean until people take our jobs from us and start cleaning themselves. It's fine cuz we had to take Elder Little back to Rock Springs anyway. So that whole day we were trying to relax and calm down. It was so crazy every time I thought or said the words, "We flooded a Stake Center." So we decided to give ourselves a nickname. We're the Wet Bandits! Then Sunday a funny guy came up with a better one, "Hydromaniacs." Anyway it was all a crazy event and we had some laughs and stress. Things are better now. You can't afford to not serve a mission cuz you miss out on all these crazy stories.

I love you,
Elder Damewood

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